Grant Funding Application Training

I offer comprehensive training on how to write a successful grant funding application that will help you secure funding for your project.

Writing funding applications can be a daunting task. It is often the case that senior people in your organisation may have been trying to do it outside their working hours. However, this can be unsustainable in the long run, so it’s important to build the capacity of other team members to take on this task.

It is understandable that not everyone within your organisation, other than those at senior level, will have the knowledge to write a grant funding application to an acceptably high standard.  That’s where my training comes in. I have the skills to equip your team with the knowledge and understanding they need to write grant funding applications that will impress funders and secure the funding your organisation needs.

Grant Applications

My grant funding application training will teach you everything you need to know. I’ll show you what to prepare before you begin to write an application, I’ll help you be clear about what to put into an application along with the relevant documents. I also offer support in writing applications and providing feedback to help your team members improve their bid writing skills.

One of the key benefits of my training is that it will help your team members fully understand the project they are applying for funding for. This will result in higher quality applications in the long run because they will be thinking about the project at the funding stage, which will lead to better project outcomes.

Investing in grant funding application training for your team members is a wise decision. It will not only help to build their capacity and skills but also relieve the burden on senior staff, who can then focus on other important tasks.

Contact me today to find out how I can help your organisation secure the funding it needs.

Attending Josie's grant writing course was invaluable to my charity. Josie was engaging and knowledgeable, and provided practical exercises to give me the knowledge and tools to craft compelling proposals. The course not only gave me a better understanding of the grant writing process, but also provided me with useful resources and tools that I can use in my future endeavours. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their grant writing skills.

My Grant funding application Training package includes three key elements to help you develop the skills you need to successfully secure funding for your projects. Here’s what you’ll get:

Foundations for Funding

In this 2-3 hour training session, I will provide you with the foundations for writing a successful funding application. I will guide you through the process of identifying a suitable funding opportunity and work with you to develop the high-level structure of your application's content. You'll then go away and draft your application, which you'll send to me for feedback.


In this 2-hour session, I will review and provide feedback on your draft funding application. I will also review relevant funding opportunities and work with you to assess the initial stages of eligibility and content for a second application. I will provide you with guidance on the high-level structure of your application's content, and you'll then go away and work on any amends to your first application.

Advice and Feedback

I will provide you with email feedback on your draft second application so that it's ready for submission. With my guidance and feedback, you'll be able to produce two high quality funding applications by the end of the sessions.

By completing my Grant funding application Training package, you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to write successful funding applications. Don’t hesitate to contact me today to get started on your journey to successful writing.

Price: £300.00

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